Finding and using the right images

bergenias in bloom

photo by Karen Runtz

I love photography. And photographers too, it seems—I ended up marrying two.

So when I read about using photos on your blog, it clicked.

I wasted no time heading to Flickr, in search of images to retrofit my first two posts. First up had to be a squirrel. Then I found it—the perfect image, followed by the anxious wait to hear back from Bengt Holm, the photographer. YES! I can use it. Hey, he lives in Sweden. That is so cool.

The reading on my happiness thermometer began dropping soon after as I struggled with the mechanics of incorporating the photo following Flickr’s instructions. I spent a good part of the next two hours with a very patient soul in their help forum. In the end, I gave up trying to link back to their site and worked with the downloaded image instead. As I continued with the WordPress WYSIWYG interface, I began to see the downside of a tool that keeps you to their code. I managed to achieve the basics, anyway, and was thrilled to see the image live on my second post on learning and applying social media.

I’m beginning to see other ways I can improve on what I’ve got. Part of me isn’t thrilled with how things look now but I know that it was more important that I take the plunge, put myself out there and refine as I go along.

As @happyblogger Tanya Brown says “don’t wait for the ‘right time’ it will never come. Start your work with what you have and the right tools with come along.”

One of those tools may be Snagit.  I needed something to capture and work with images and found this amazing little tool that I’m now using on a 30-day free trial. I used to have tools like Photoshop Elements on my work laptop, but they got left behind with the job, sigh.

I just came across a fresh Wild Apricot blog that talks about three good (free) online image editors that I’m also going to check out. I see others are mentioned in the comments as well.

My intention had been to use my third post to show some of the steps I took to build my blog in WordPress. That’s how I began using Snagit for edited screen captures.  I’m recognizing though that my posts may be a bit on the long side, so I’m going to try to keep them shorter and likely more frequent. I’ll keep the step by step for the next post.

This time, I’m going to import my text into WordPress. I missed this menu option with my first two posts, and had trouble with the formatting after my copy and paste approach.  .

I’m also going to try to add  trackbacks. As I understand it, it’s an advance flag to let other blogs know that you’ve linked to them. It seems straightforward, but I may not succeed. But hey, it’s a bright sunny day in my part of the world and I’m thinking positive! With that in mind, I’m using one of my own garden photos for this post. Within a few weeks, this is what I can look forward to once again on my property.


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