timethief flips time and place for bloggers like me

Monarch butterfly

Photo by Karen Runtz

As a kid, I used to be afraid of caterpillars. That’s changed. I now do everything I can to attract and sustain butterflies. That includes naturalizing milkweed to feed monarch caterpillars.  Yesterday, WordPress blogger timethief also flipped time and place for me as I continue blogging, learning and applying social media.

It was a dull, grey day and I was hours into research, chasing links, weighted down by thousands of word about SEO, tips and tools, my energy and confidence draining. I slogged on, looking for wisdom. .

Somehow, I ended up back at WordPress. I think it was all the SEO talk that got me thinking about optimizing the usability of my blog. I dug into the dirt on fonts. And that’s when I found timethief.

Unearthing her blog, I came across a posting on free image hosting services where you can store, share and use to publish your blog photos. Most of the providers offer many more options as well. Good stuff.

I dug deeper, finding another link on optimizing your images –reducing their size so the page loads faster. As someone who was on dial-up less than a year ago, this shouted out–yes, yes, pick me!

Something drew me to Web Resizer at the bottom of the list. It was the only one I checked out. Their landing page was promising, crisp and clear like the way timethief presents her own tech tips.  Yes, you can add borders to your images here.  I clicked on the “Resize Photos Now”. Then I saw it:  Free Rice. PLAY and FEED a Hungry Person.  I don’t normally play games, but this was different. I set the image testing aside for the time being.

What followed was a fun little word challenge.
Fight World Hunger
For each right answer, Web Resizer donates grains of rice to the world food programme. The page also gives you the option to follow a discreet link on more ways to fight hunger or “learn more” via a bottom banner placement.

The world food programme fights hunger worldwide.   As they explain on their red cup page, 25 cents fills a cup for a child.

So I was also able to give back in turn.  Double thanks, timethief. Oh, and I did go back to try out the image resizing on Web Resizer and it too fits my need.

Today my office is brighter and so am I.

BTW, I found the following video on 25 days of the Monarch Butterfly life cycle represented in four minutes. The music is somewhat intrusive, but the images are quite interesting.


2 responses to “timethief flips time and place for bloggers like me

  1. I love you for backlinking to my blog and posts. 🙂 You just made my day and I’m here to tell you that what you have done is rare. Although many bloggers do read blogging tips blogs their own blogs are in completely different niches, so even when they benefit from posts in blogs like mine they don’t publish a post containing backlinks to the blogging tips blogger’s posts or site because it would be off-topic for their blog. 😦

    Prior to purchasing a domain for my blog in mid December it has a PageRank of 4, which had dropped from 5 due to the fact I was struggling to recover from a head injury and was unable to post as frequently to it as I had previously done. Well, the authority, links and PageRank previooslu acquired all belong to the root blog at onecoolsite.wordpress.com which is being domain mapped to onecoolsitebloggingtips.com and the new domain had to start from “unranked” (zero) again, and it remains in that state now 3 months later.

    I’ve been publishing high quality content regularly but not seeing much change. And, I’ve been trying not to fret over the lack of incoming links but I’m not succeeding.

    Thank you so much for letting me know that what I publish is helpful. You are a gem. 🙂

    • I struggle with most tools. In many cases, I don’t see the obvious. But I’m also very determined, so I plug away trying to find the solution. I’m just thankful that I came across your site(s). You present the information so well. I’ve also been a regular visitor to the help forum the last couple of weeks and notice you do that little bit extra to help people out.

      Some years back, I wrote an online newsletter for a large corporation, covering significant changes to a suite of services. These changes in turn affected the daily work for thousands of people in the field. I tried to make things real and relevant for them. My name didn’t appear anywhere on the newsletter, and the name on the return email account was generic as well. One day I got an email back that said: “Great Note. Great explanations. Keep up the good work. Who ever you are… ”

      That note meant as much to me as any of the professional awards I was to get in later years. Those that are invisible/in the background, deserve to be appreciated. Too often they’re not.

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