The not-so-obvious: visiting the Schrute farm and learning to blog

Schrute Farm

Schrute Farm

As reported on the Consumerist today, someone actually wanted to book a vacation at Schrute farms, the farm/inn mentioned on episodes of The Office.  Wasn’t me. I swear it.  Could have been, though!

The obvious isn’t always so.

Some of us are gullible natural believers. Or, sometimes, we miss a word, a sentence, a step.

The Stouffer’s Bistro Baja Grilled Chicken melt called out to me from my freezer today. Ripping it open, I went looking for the microwave temp and time. That’s when I saw the instructions for folding the box into a platform.  The food, you see, is to sit on the part with the special coating. Oh. Too late for my mangled piece of cardboard.

It’s just as easy to “not get” a key element or step when you’re learning to blog. If you’re new to social media tools, the language that’s tossed around online, especially on discussion floors, can be confusing. You’re there in your Walmart sneakers and they’re bouncing around in their spiffy Air Jordans.

I’m learning to get over it and ask. Like yesterday, when a tweet took me to a post and comments on anticipated new features of WordPress 3.0. What I “got” of it, sounded promising. But then I started thinking, does this even apply to my setup on Is it meaningless if it’s not self-hosted?  So I took a deep breath and asked. And yes, that is the case. Seems like that’s where I should be heading.

I want to do things correctly and get better. But I have to accept that I’m going to be making mistakes along the way. On one of my first tweets, which I thought was only going to be seen by the one person whose name I used, I shared “Hey there. I’ve so much to learn about twitter. Can U follow me & tell me when I do stupid things? This goes to u alone, right?”  But I’m sure others have done much worse!

Those of us who are new to the swim, need to focus on our own lane. As put so well in Ink Rebels’ 20 common mistakes made by new bloggers, it’s important that we don’t look to the side, just look straight ahead and keep moving forward.

I found more good advice from genuinechris’  It’s Not How Good You Are When You Start, It’s How Fast You Get Better. I need to improve so much so quickly. And like genuinechris says, I can’t get better fast enough.

By the way, does anyone know the best  time to  book a trip to  Shangri-La?

Want to see Pam and Jim visit the Schrute Farm?


3 responses to “The not-so-obvious: visiting the Schrute farm and learning to blog

  1. Hi Karen,

    Great blogging. Just like you, I’m trying to “get” the right things and not become sidelined by my mistakes along the way. A really well developed sense of humour helps!

    Keep writing.

  2. Thanks so much, Susan. It’s all too easy to get bogged down with the mechanisms. I want to fly, not just run! And yes, the sense of humour sure does help. I’ve got lots to feed it with.

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