Any requests before we dine?

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Frogs are fun. Dancing, fluting, grinning—they lend merriment to our gardens. And today, one jumped right into my blog, requiring me to learn about adding galleries and slide shows.

It began late last night when I was doing some catch-up reading on I came across something somewhere about the new Inuit Types theme.  That set me off to explore other related items, one being Noel’s  blog post with a gallery set up as a slideshow.   I loved it, but I couldn’t stay up any longer–it was already 2 a.m.

Stuck at my computer this morning, I struggled to write a business text. The words weren’t coming so I grabbed my camera and left. Two hours and 80 images later, I returned. I hadn’t gone far—just my own yard. But that yard includes no less than 30 gardens.

Clumps of bright tulips, swathes of hyacinths, cheery daffodils, and woodland wonders—mayapples, bellworts, bloodroot, bluebells, cohosh, foamflower, meadowrue, to name just a few. The unfurling of ferns, hostas, Solomon’s seal, emerging from their winter cocoons. The array of wonderfully patterned leaves,  the toothy elderberry to the baby-sized barrenwort,

A cool grey frog shouldering a large tuba caught my eye, commanding a closer look. This smooth operator was staring down a young pasque flower whose petals were standing on end. No wonder—Mr. Frog had a distinct yellow smudge at the corner of his froggy mouth. He was clearly telling the frightened flower, any last requests before we dine?

That’s how I saw it.

So the tuba-playing frog joined my photos of the day and inspired this blog and gallery. Amazingly, I managed to get the gallery and slide show running smoothly right from the get go.  I supplemented the instructions with information I found on gammagirl’s blog

But first I had to  optimize the 13 images I wanted to include.  For that I used web resizer,  reducing my images a full 95%.  Following the instructions, I opened a new post, then used the image uploader to upload the photos I wanted to include in my gallery. After saving all changes, I then worked within the  Gallery tab to re-order the images, add titles, captions and descriptions.  Once that was done, I went back to Noel’s post, to find out how to make the gallery into a slide show.  That part couldn’t have been simpler–a click on the “insert slideshow” button and I was done.  The reveal was dramatic.

Gamma girl’s great instructions made it easy.  I don’t know what happened to my individual image titles and descriptions, though. That’s a minor detail I’ll research when I’ve got more time.

In the meantime, I still have to write that business text!  Anyone see a connection between  frogs and franchising?  Maybe I’ll sleep on it.


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