About Karen Runtz

Former earth mother, athlete, corporate communicator. Happily reborn as small business communicator–writer/editor/web and social media strategist.

Over the years, I’ve had several persona.  Growing up in a small town, I was “the Brain”, winning academic awards as well as awards in public speaking and drama.

I’ve always loved reading and my first two jobs after university were with the bookstores at Algonquin College and the University of Ottawa.  Home with my first child, there wasn’t much time for reading:  I morphed into an earth mother making everything from scratch–clothes, cooking/baking, including my own baby food–and became  very involved in my local community.

I also began writing features for the Arnprior Chronicle (winning an award from the Ontario Community Newspaper Association), learning how to use a camera and working part-time at the local post office.

In a total 360 from my aversion to anything that made me sweat, I got into distance running. A highlight was my 11-mile leg in the Jasper to Banff relay, on the Canada Post team.

I parlayed my writing and postal experience into a position with Employee Communications at head office, a corporate persona I held for 21 years, first as a writer/editor, then in other portfolios where I managed video production, a business television network, the intranet, then communications strategy,   winning professional awards at each juncture.

Then came the job cuts, including mine, forcing me to re-evaluate everything. Saying goodbye to the corporate world, I recreated myself once more, taking a deep dive into social media, where, two years later, I’m now comfortably ensconced. My new role as a small business communicator allows me to use all my skills as a writer, editor, web and social media strategist.

I launched this blog early in my social media journey, so I could share what I learned along the way.  And with the ever-changing nature of the players and tools, it’s clear that the learning continues, as do the adjustments of being self-employed.

Along with my interest in and enthusiasm for social media and small business, I  also enjoy:

  • singing, gardening, photography;
  • where I live–my 14 acres of woods, rock outcroppings, many garden paths and vignettes, the discoveries of each season;
  • the warmth of the waning  light late in the day;
  • road trips where you can stop on seeing something of interest.

And if it were possible, I would love to time travel to see other civilizations and the famous/infamous in other times–as long as my son, daughter and grandson would be waiting for me when I’d get back.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Flickr.


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