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What’s in your window: improving the view through your website

Window-within-window, Machu Picchu, Peru

View visitor needs through the lens of the business

I’ve been viewing the world through multiple windows lately.

During 10 days in Peru, I watched scenes composing and dissolving through the oblong windows of the train climbing to and descending from Machu Picchu, through the big blocky windows of the tour bus, then through the dustier versions on the smaller shuttles. These were followed by the vistas revealed by the openings in the ancient granite walls of Machu Picchu and other Sacred Valley wonders. I sometimes double-framed these views with my camera lens, drawn by what the window-through-window revealed.

The days before this trip, my focus had been on less compelling, virtual views—as I overhauled my business client’s window to the world—their national website.

That too was a journey across varied terrain and differing perceptions best met with a detailed plan; a receptive, can-do attitude; and attention to travellers’ needs.

For six or seven years, I managed a large and very successful intranet with many sub-sites, where our customers—our employees—were inside the company. And, like good websites on the internet, our customers depended on us to provide content—information—that was current, reliable and complete. The quicker they could find the information or answers they came looking for—and get on with their job—the better.

Out on the internet, however, stickiness is a factor. Yes, you want your website to give visitors the quickest route to whatever they’re seeking. But in business you also want to keep them on your site, enticing them to explore and leading them to take action such as ordering a product or signing up for your newsletter. And it was with this lens that I began evaluating Sunbelt Canada’s existing site this past March. Continue reading