Giving in to the seven-month itch: two blogs and one Facebook page later

Canadian beaver

photo by Michael Runtz

These past weeks, I have indeed been beavering away, working hard  on creating a blog,  Facebook page, newsletter and the first of a series of newspaper articles, all for a client,  in my new (communications consultant) body.  And you’ll see that my own blog has gone from black to white.   Literally.

Maybe it’s the seven-month itch,  building over months of learning, then billowing like Marilyn’s skirt in a whoosh of sustained activity.

Coraline called out,  piquing my interest with a scrubbed, clean  face attached to a well-muscled frame.

I’d already sampled  what Coraline had to offer.  Days earlier, we’d had our first encounter when, unencumbered by any existing  relationships, I was drawn to this theme for my client’s blog.

It was now more personal.  For months, I’d been attending to others’ needs, putting aside my own.

So I said yes.

Looking back, I’d never been truly happy with Chaotic Soul.  At the start of the relationship, I was infatuated with the way images displayed against the dark background.  The name itself was seductive. Yet, as happens with the spouse whose “little” habits finally become  more than you can take, I found myself increasingly irritated by the unfriendly white type and  formatting quirks.  I may have contributed to the discord by  importing from Word.  I now practice safe texting,  with Notepad.

Coraline is good for me. I think the new header ties in better with the name of my blog, and my cutline–learning social media, out of my job and comfort zone— is  also more evident and connected in this new theme.

The conversion was, dare I say it, almost easy, enabled by @timethief and WordPress support.  I began by following @timethief’s instructions on setting up a mirror blog. The import/export worked beautifully.  Then it was on to the wicked widgets.  Again looking to my WordPress North Star for help on placing images in HTML tables, I was able  to  set up a welcome text and incorporate social media icons and links in a tidy text box.  I was very happy with WordPress’ timely introduction of sharing  buttons.

There will be some fallout from the new relationship:  I’m changing my name. Yes, by using karenruntz in my URL, I’m cutting past ties.  But I now recognize that it’s better to be monogamous with one consistent name as I build an identity across my new communication channels.

I watched  true master builders crunching and munching almost within touching distance last weekend in Algonquin Park.

Driving along Basin Road with my brother Michael and his spouse, Ann, we had stopped to investigate changes to a downed poplar we’d noticed early the previous evening as we headed the cavalcade for  Bonnechere’s wolf howl.  The howl’s an annual event that Michael, an author, educator and naturalist, is invited to host each summer.

Neat, eh. Watch for the rest of this tale in “Giving in to the seven-month itch” part 2.  Real soon, I promise.



7 responses to “Giving in to the seven-month itch: two blogs and one Facebook page later

  1. Love this new blog, Karen. As you say, a fresh, clean new face. Straightforward and easy on the eyes, it draws you in to explore. I changed the Bytown Chapter’s blog to a B&W theme recently myself (

  2. Wow. Very nice, Trish. We’re on the same wave length. Like the cobbler’s children being the ones without shoes, I had a hard time getting time for my own blog. I’ve got lots on the go for my client, and they’re getting the benefit of many extra hours beyond my “half-time” status. But the experience I’m gaining is great.

  3. Dear Karen,
    I’m so happy that you found exactly what you needed in my blog posts. I’m also grateful that you chose to backlink to my posts. Blogging tips blogs are very much like revolving door blogs. Bloggers with blogs in other niches receive help from them, but because their subject matter in their posts is focused on their niche content they rarely publish a post like you did, and provide backlinks to the blogging tips posts theyderived help from. Thanks again for the acknowledgement and recognition. I appreciate it very much. 🙂

  4. Hi Karen – I love this look… Coraline is a wonderful theme and it seems perfect for Ignore the squirrels. I’m thrilled for you. Sound a little strong? Not really. I totally get it. And when you said Coraline “called out to you” I totally get that too. After all, you LIVE here. It’s you! So glad you’re putting your needs in front. Well done. I also seriously debated on using my name for my url. I’m doing that for my husband (lawyer entrepreneur). Bold move on your part and, I think, a wise one.

    • Thanks, Theresa. I appreciate your comments. There are so many decisions to be made it can almost be paralyzing. When I worked in the corporate world, I had a number of sayings printed out and posted around my cubicle. One of them was “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” I’ve left all these packed in a box since then. I think I should dig them out and put my favourites up around my home office area. Now living by and working for myself, I miss the positive reinforcement that comes with the day-to-day exchanges with others. These new channels of communication are wonderful, though, for making new connections that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. And I’m truly thankful for that.

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